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This is my lifestyle blog. Here I post everything I think will help others continue their daily lives in a positive way and maybe make small improvements by using the lessons I have learnt so far.

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Exam Season!

Good afternoon! I just wanted to jump on here today to mention that I won’t be posting for a little while as I am in the peak of my exams! I have a few big plans after exams so join me and look forward to those! Keep well, keep healthy, stay safe and enjoy your…

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Planning for any outcome!

Good evening everyone. Today I wanted to hop on to spread a message I think is very important. I have exams coming up and I want to just try portray a lesson which I was taught years ago that I still value today. Plan! If you plan then life becomes so much simpler. It enables…

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Dealing with emotion

Good evening everyone. Sorry for the late and short post today, I haven’t had the best day to be honest with you. I unfortunately lost someone quite close to me recently and it’s really got to me today. I have had quite a rough day but I still wanted to post today to let you…

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