Motivation and Mental Health

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post some extra content today to introduce my page in a more detailed way as I want you all to understand what sort of things I will be posting.

The first topic I would like to talk about is motivation and mental health.

Now this is an area we’ve all been directly or indirectly involved in, in some way shape or form.

There are so many different scenarios where these two topics are considered and battled against. Personally, I have never battled with serious mental health complications however I have had lots of experience with keeping myself motivated during school, university, and my fitness and health journey.

I also have many friends who have unfortunately had to fight against mental distress.

Motivation and keeping ‘mentally strong’ is something that can be really tough for even the strongest of us at times but it’s something that comes with practice and most importantly, help from those around us.

If anyone ever wants to ever have a chat about anything or wants me to talk about my experiences more, then feel free to drop me a message whenever you like.

Look out for the motivation category in the future if this is what you are interested in reading!

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