Back at university and Tapas!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all well. Quite a bit has changed over the last three days, I am back at university and restrictions have been eased in the UK!

I think the fact that restrictions have been eased is fantastic, and I wanted to look back briefly today at one of the things that the pandemic has taught me so far.

Patience and persistence.

These two characteristics are so so important and if we can have even the slightest amount of these each day, it makes life a lot easier!

I have tried throughout this pandemic to be as positive and constructive as possible, just trusting the process and making the most of each day. This is so vital, even outside of the pandemic so I am so glad this is a lesson I have learnt.

I am heading out for dinner tonight! For the first time in a long time! We are going out for tapas, which is one of my favourite meals, even though it’s quite expensive!

Remember to eat healthy but also enjoy the food you’re consuming as it make such a difference to your day and your mentality.

In regards, to the pandemic and enjoying yourself (through food but also other activities) I wanted to share this quote today:

“Be patient with yourself. You are growing stronger every day. The weight of the world will become lighter and you will begin to shine brighter. Don’t give up” – Robert Tew

Be safe! Enjoy the start of your week, and I’ll see you on Friday! Feel free to drop me a message on what you’d like me to talk about if you have any ideas!

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