Planning for any outcome!

Good evening everyone. Today I wanted to hop on to spread a message I think is very important. I have exams coming up and I want to just try portray a lesson which I was taught years ago that I still value today. Plan! If you plan then life becomes so much simpler. It enablesContinue reading “Planning for any outcome!”

Back at university and Tapas!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all well. Quite a bit has changed over the last three days, I am back at university and restrictions have been eased in the UK! I think the fact that restrictions have been eased is fantastic, and I wanted to look back briefly today at one of theContinue reading “Back at university and Tapas!”

Motivation and work life

Good morning to all you amazing people! To start with I want to once again thank you all so much for the positive response you have given to my page, you are all making it a positive experience for me and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Today I wanted to talk about working, whether thatContinue reading “Motivation and work life”

School and University

I’ve had a range of experiences throughout my academic years. From not doing so well in school during my early years, to turning it all around and achieving high marks in my A levels and now throughout my university engineering degree. I was extremely lucky to learn certain strategies and methods to acing my examsContinue reading “School and University”